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    Company Profile

           Shenzhen Xin Ya Hao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.  was established in 2009 , located in Longgang District Ping Town ; company focused on the development , design, production and sale of electronic industry in the field of precision molds and precision structures , in order to promote local technological breakthroughs in the development of the overall business gradually formed in the precision casting industry leading technology capabilities to win competitive advantage .
           Companies in technology development , production scale, the industry’s leading quick service , mainly for global brands in consumer electronics and mobile phones, tablet PCs , Bluetooth he ...

    Contant Us

    Shenzhen Xin Ya Hao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
    Add: Block 506, Times Square B, 99 Longcheng Avenue, Longcheng Street Center, Longgang District, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-84080900
    FAX: 0755-84080800
    Q Q: 1194093603

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